What You Need to Know About Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a form of massage therapy that uses Nuru gel for lubrication. The gel is made from a mixture of a grape seed extract and Nori seaweed. It’s a transparent, odourless liquid that has a smooth flow. If you’ve heard about Nuru massage in Melbourne before but never considered it, here’s a lowdown on what it’s all about.

The Origins of Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a timeless practice that has been used for centuries in Japan to produce intense relaxation experiences. Nuru is the Japanese word for slippery, and the oil has been used in Japanese erotic rituals for centuries.

What the Massage Involves

Nuru massage works best on top of a mattress that has a rubber or latex cover. The cover prevents the mattress from absorbing the gel while also creating a slippery surface consistent with the Nuru tradition. Some massage rooms will have scented candles to help the client relax and set the mood for an erotic experience.

How to Prepare for Nuru Massage

  • Get a bottle full of the gel to be used for the session
  • Immerse the gel in a bowl containing hot water to warm it and reduce its viscosity
  • Take a warm bath, as the gel is most effective when applied on warm and wet skin
  • One participant lies on the massage table immediately after leaving the bath
  • The masseuse pours the gel onto the back before proceeding to make deep strokes to help the oil penetrate the skin and muscles. The warm gel gives a relaxing sensation
  • Once covered in gel and slippery, it’s time to switch positions until both participants are slippery. After that, they can pleasure and arouse each other to their heart’s content

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