Erotic Massage in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne

Are you looking for adult entertainment and a titillating experience? You don’t always want to head into the city for that. If you’re looking to enjoy a discreet erotic massage in the western suburbs of Melbourne, look no further. At Bodyline, we offer a number of erotic and sensual services that are sure to please. There’s no better time than now to meet our beautiful babes, find one that appeals to you, and lie back and relax as you indulge in an erotic massage in the western suburbs.

Whether you’ve never received an erotic massage before, or you’re a frequent visitor to your local massage parlour in the western suburbs, here at Bodyline we ensure every guest feels welcome, comfortable and completely at ease. Come see for yourself today!

Revel in the Velvety Touch of Our Hot Masseuse

Located in Yarraville, BodyLine is home to the most pleasurable and memorable erotic massage in the western suburbs that you will ever have. We employ great looking and highly skilled masseuses who will take you on a trip to heaven.

Imagine yourself lying on a bed with satin sheets, dim lights and scented air filling the room. Lovely, isn’t it? Now imagine a hot, nude lady giving you a sensual, head-to-toe massage: she is sliding and gliding her oiled hands and body all over you. Makes you sigh with pleasure, doesn’t it? If just reading about it feels so good, how will the erotic massage be in reality? Come and experience an erotic massage in the western suburbs for yourself.

If you’re seeking a sensual massage in the western suburbs of Melbourne rather than having to go into the city, come to us and have some adult fun. We offer the very best!

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$160 $145




$240 $220




$295 $275